See my work


Here you can watch all video versions of my work.
You can share my personal visual projection on the music and the stories.
Wear your best headphones, concentrate on the music and let images go with you...


Here you can listen to the audio-only version of my music.
Just listen to my stories.
Wear your best headphones, close your eyes and bring me your hand...

Web Live

This is a special place where I stream live shows via web.
It's a look inside the Lab and a way to go beyond the distance between me and everyone in the world who wants to assist to my live shows.
Follow ISL Facebook page in order to be informed about these events.
It only requires you to install the Veetle plugin for you browser.
Please watch in HD, if you can, for a better audio quality.


Here you can find all useful links where to buy my music.


Imaginative sound lab is a project created by an imaginative human being.
My name is Giuseppe.
Everything you listen or see here is created, played, arranged, recorded, filmed by me. But what really matters is that everything is a natural projection of my subconscious and imagination.